Google Drive Clone Script | How to Make Your Own Website Like Google Drive

Hello Guys, Today in this article you can easily download and install the google drive clone script that will make your website like a google drive. you can build your own cloud service. This script will be easily installed on your web hosting. Just follow all the steps:-

Today, I will tell you how to make a file-sharing website. In this article, I will be able to discuss the way to create your own file-sharing website where you’ll upload and download through a link like Google Drive.

You can also provide a file-sharing website service to your friends like google drive by adding a Sign-Up button to register a replacement user. There are many file-sharing websites Scripts are available on the internet but we will make a site with NextCloud.

The NextCloud most popular script and also it has many features. Therefore, we will make a file website using NextCloud. So, We need a NextCloud script.

Upload Zip File For Your Sharing Website

Follow the steps to upload the file correctly on your hosting

  • After downloading the zip file, You need to upload the NextCloud zip file into your hosting file manager. So, Please extract this file into your website root path. If you will not place files into an exact path then the website will not work. Therefore, you need to place it into the exact website root folder.
  • Now, Move all files from the NextCloud folder to the main website root folder.
  • Finally, visit your website. You will see the database configuration setting page and also you will be asked about the Admin username & password.

Database For File Sharing Website

Finally, create a new database for your own file-sharing site from the hosting C – Panel by visiting the MySQL database and you also need a new username to integrate with the database.

If you did not know how to make a database, So please visit another article on how to make a video website like youtube where is available a complete guideline on how to make a database and username for a website with screenshots. After filling out the configuration setting page hit the Finish Setup button.

NextCloud Features

  • Upload and Download files, images, videos and more much
  • Easy share files to your friends with a link on Facebook or email and you can also send by email.
  • Audio & Video chat with registered users on NextCloud
  • A Data storage Platform like google drive.
  • Video Verification System
  • Unlimited Storage as your wish
  • Audio & Video Chat In NextCloud
  • make file sharing website like facebook

If you want to audio & video call function in your file-sharing site. So, you need to install the Webrtc service on your server. Therefore, You want to buy a VPS server like ( digital ocean, Cloudways ) where you can install this service. In the next articles, we will discuss VPS servers and how to install services like (Webrtc, Cpanel, Lamp and also VPN ) on an unmanaged server.

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Download Google Drive Clone Script

Download The Script From Here:- Download

Hope Guys, You will enjoy the script and successfully install it on your website. Please share this article and support us. Thank you…

How to Jailbreak iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max | iPhone 12, 13 series Jailbreak

How to Jailbreak iPhone 11 is a frequently asked question on the internet. So, if you also have the same question in your mind, then you are on the right place.

Because in this article we will show you how to jailbreak iPhone 11 series phones easily. In this article I have given a step-by-step guide on “How to jeail break iPhone 11 , 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max” easily.

Just Follow our simple Step-by-step Guide to jailbreak your iPhone 11 series phones.

Just before that, let me explain what jailbreaking iPhone is? Is it legal? Or how to do? In case that you don’t know about jailbreaking of the iPhone.

What is Jailbreaking? 

Jailbreaking of iPhone or iOS is a process of removing restrictions in iOS. It allows root access of iOS system and allows you to install the unsigned third-party software on iPhones.

By doing jailbreaking, you will be able to install the jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, etc. to customize iPhone 11.

Basically in the Jailbreak process, an unofficial app is installed that makes it easy to install jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes etc. Cydia is one of the most popular for installing the Jailbreak apps, extensions, themes, tweaks etc. which are not available in app store.

iPhone Jailbreaking is legal in most countries. In 2010, 2012, and 2015, the U.S. Copyright Office approved exemptions allowing smartphone users to jailbreak their devices as jailbreaks do not infringe on copyrights.

Download Uncover Jailbreak Software

We need to download Uncover Jailbreak software to proceed jailbreaking process of iPhone 11

You can easily download uncover jailbreak from here: Download Uncover Jailbreak

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Note: Before starting the Jailbreaking process, please make sure that there is no OTA update file present or downloaded in your device. If downloaded please delete that iOS update file before starting the process of Jailbreak. Otherwise, your device may be stuck in starting loop.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max?

Follow the following step-by-step guide to Jailbreak iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max:

Step 1: Download AltServer here on your PC and open it. Now connect your iPhone to your PC over USB. AltServer software is available for both Mac and Windows. You will have to install a Mail plugin as a part of setting up AltStore.

Step 2: Click on the AltServer icon from your Mac’s or menu bar, select Install AltStar, and then proceed to select your iPhone or iPad.

Step 3: An AltStore icon should now show up on the home screen of your iPhone. After that, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management, tap on your Apple ID, and trust its Developer Certificate.

Step 4: With your iPhone connected to your PC, download the latest version of Unc0ver here. You should see an “Open In..” option which you will use to open the IPA in AltStore. This will start the installation process. You might have to enter the Apple ID credentials during the installation process for certificate signing purposes. Make sure to use the same Apple ID that you had used above.

If you don’t get the AltStore option in “Open In..,” you can go to Unc0ver’s website on your iPhone and download the IPA. This will bring up a prompt to open the app via AltStore.

Step 5:  Go back to your iPhone’s home screen, launch Unc0ver, tap the Jailbreak button, and wait for the app to do its job. Your iPhone will respring during the process after which you should see the Cydia icon on your home screen.

Jailbreak process may throw errors during the jailbreaking process. If this problem occurs, simply restart your device and again open uncover app and restart the jailbreaking process.

Now you have successfully jailbreak your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max. Now all the iOS restrictions are successfully removed from your iOS device.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone Jailbreaking is legal in most countries. In 2010, 2012, and 2015, the U.S. Copyright Office approved exemptions allowing smartphone users to jailbreak their devices as jailbreaks do not infringe on copyrights.

Does Jailbreaking Voids iPhone’s Warranty?

According to Apple’s support document, they may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software. So, whoever jaibreak their iPhones , they may get or may not get iPhone warranty service. But you can easily restore your warranty by doing factory reset your iPhone.

How to restore Jailbreak iPhone?

You can easily restore your iPhone just by doing a factory reset your iPhone. Factory reset removes Jailbreak or root access from your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max 

How To Make Website Like Quora Without Coding in 10 Minutes-full Guide

How To Make Website Like Quora: Did you know? You can easily create a website similar to the world-famous website quora with just simple steps.

What if I told you that creating your own Quora clone is easier than you think? That’s right, creating a website like Quora can be done in a matter of hours. One of the biggest reasons this is possible is because Quora uses a framework called Ruby on Rails.

But in this post, I will show you a step by step guide on how to create website like quora (Without any coding knowledge).

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Hey, I am Sandy, and welcome to my blog. This blog post is about “How to create a website like quora without coding – within just 10-30 minutes).”

Requirements for making a quora clone:

How to Make a website Like Quora?

You can easily make your own quora like app without coding. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an app like quora:

  • Download Askme PHP script.
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Then copy all the files in script folder
  • Log in to your web hosting
  • Follow the following procedure

How to Install the Script in your web hosting

Upload the files, and get started

How to upload AskMe to server?

  • Upload all files/folders located inside “Script” folder to your server. (Don’t upload Script folder, upload what inside it) as shown below:
  • Open your browser, (Google Chrome is recommended).
  • Go to

Step Three

The installation is pretty easy, please follow the steps below

How to install AskMe?

  • Before we start the installation, please make sure you have the following installed on your server
    • PHP 5.5 +
    • MySQLi Extension
    • GD Library
    • Mbstring
    • cURL
    • ZIP
    • allow_url_fopen
  • Installation:

Click on “i agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, then click next button

we check that all the script requirements then click on next button

  • Purchase code: Your Envato purchase code.
  • SQL Host name: Your MySQL host name, e.g: localhost
  • SQL Username: Your MySQL username.
  • SQL Password: Your MySQL user password.
  • SQL Database: Your MySQL database name.
  • Site URL: Your website URL where you will install the script, examples:
    • http://localhost
  • Site Name: Your site name, max 32 characters.
  • Site Title: Your site title, max 100 characters.
  • Site E-mail: Your site email, ex:, Gmail or Hotmail is not supported. It should be one of your server’s emails
  • Admin Username: Choose your admin username.
  • Admin Password: Choose your admin password.
  • Once you have wrote the information, please click the install button and wait for a while, the installation process may take up to 5 minutes.
  • After the installation is done, you’ll get a page that looks like:

What’s next?

If you follow the steps above carefully, the script should be installed on your site, and you are ready to use it!

However if your server is using Nginx, please follow the last step below:

  • Open your server’s root nginx.conf file, most of the time It’s located it in: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
  • Open the home directory of the script, you should be able to find this file (nginx.conf):

  • Open the located file, and copy its content to your root nginx.conf file: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
  • If you find it something difficult to do, please contact your hosting provider, and they will do it for you easily.


After the installation is finished, please make sure to delete the folder “install”.

Enjoy Your Own Quora Like App

Now you have successfully created your own quora like app within just 10 minutes without any coding. Now just enjoy your own Questions & Answers social website.

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