Youtube Pink Apk Download Latest V16.38.39 for Android 2022

Have you ever heard about youtube pink? Well if not? , Then in this post, you will know what youtube pink is and how to download it on your android devices. Also, I will tell you the features of the youtube pink apk.

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We all have heard about the YouTube mobile app for Android and iPhone. But there is another extremely customized android app for YouTube which is known as Youtube Pink app. So today I am going to tell you about what is the youtube pink apk, why use it and also how to download it in your phone.

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What is Youtube Pink?

Almost everyone is familiar with youtube and everyone uses it everyday in their life. But there are still many restrictions that we faces on youtube everyday.

So, to overcome the restrictions, there is an app which Youtube Pink apk. With this app, You can use extra features of youtube like playing the video in popup mode, Playing video in background, playing video , even in mobile’s screen off mode, etc.

Additional details Of Youtube Pink

Name Youtube Pink Apk Details
Size65.53 MB
VersionLatest 2022
Ratings4.1 out of 5
Android Version4 and up
Link Updated on29 January 2022
Get it on Play store
Download Pink Youtube Apk

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Features Of Latest Youtube Pink Apk

Watch Videos Without Ads – No Ads

In this application, you can watch your favorite videos or listen your favorite songs without any interruption of ads. It means this app is not going to show any ads over the videos.

Play all High definition Videos Without Anu Restrictions

You can watch videos in high definition without any restrictions. All the high definition formats are unlocked

Play Videos in Backgroud

You can play videos even in the background mode. It means now you can watch videos in the background while doing another work on mobile.

Play Videos in Pop-Up Mode

Easily play videos in the pop-up mode on android in youtube pink apk. Play any video in pop-up mode.

Various Themes and Dark Mode

By default, this app comes with pink theme, thats why its name is pink youtube apk. But we can easily change the theme of this app. Because this app comes with various themes. You can easily change themes or you can also select dark mode in this app. 

Dark mode provides a professional dark theme. So, You can also select dark mode.

No Restrictions

In this app, there are no restrictions, which means you can enjoy content without any restrictions.

Play Videos in Screen Off Mode

You can also play videos even if the screen of the mobile is off. Like if you wants to listen the songs only, then you can just start that music video and turn off the screen of your android device. You will notice that the video is still playing even the screen is off. Now you can enjoy music while screen off

Steps To Install the Youtube Pink Apk on Android

Follow the Following steps to successfully install the Youtube Pink Apk on Android:-


  • Download YouTube Pink APK
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in the settings menu of your device
  • Install the downloaded file by opening it from within your download folder or navigating to it using a file browser if you are unable to open it from within the app store
  • Press “Install” on the dialog box that appears and wait for the installation to complete
  • Open YouTube and enjoy!
  • To uninstall, navigate back to where you installed YouTube Pink APK and press “Uninstall.”


This app provides awesome features to optimize content consumption for users. A new version of the youtube app has been released, which is named Youtube Pink Apk. This app provides every possible features for content consumption like pop-up mode, background play, No ads,  dark mode, Various themes. Download Now and Enjoy the content with awesome features.


How to Download Youtube Pink Apk?

You can easily download youtube pink apk with this link:

Download Pink Youtube Apk

Is Youtube Pink Apk Free?

Yes Youtube pink apk is absolutely free

Is Youtube Pink Apk Virus Free?

Absolutely yes, Our team has tested this apk before providing the download link. Don’t worry It’s a completely virus-free file.

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