Google Drive Clone Script | How to Make Your Own Website Like Google Drive

Hello Guys, Today in this article you can easily download and install the google drive clone script that will make your website like a google drive. you can build your own cloud service. This script will be easily installed on your web hosting. Just follow all the steps:-

Today, I will tell you how to make a file-sharing website. In this article, I will be able to discuss the way to create your own file-sharing website where you’ll upload and download through a link like Google Drive.

You can also provide a file-sharing website service to your friends like google drive by adding a Sign-Up button to register a replacement user. There are many file-sharing websites Scripts are available on the internet but we will make a site with NextCloud.

The NextCloud most popular script and also it has many features. Therefore, we will make a file website using NextCloud. So, We need a NextCloud script.

Upload Zip File For Your Sharing Website

Follow the steps to upload the file correctly on your hosting

  • After downloading the zip file, You need to upload the NextCloud zip file into your hosting file manager. So, Please extract this file into your website root path. If you will not place files into an exact path then the website will not work. Therefore, you need to place it into the exact website root folder.
  • Now, Move all files from the NextCloud folder to the main website root folder.
  • Finally, visit your website. You will see the database configuration setting page and also you will be asked about the Admin username & password.

Database For File Sharing Website

Finally, create a new database for your own file-sharing site from the hosting C – Panel by visiting the MySQL database and you also need a new username to integrate with the database.

If you did not know how to make a database, So please visit another article on how to make a video website like youtube where is available a complete guideline on how to make a database and username for a website with screenshots. After filling out the configuration setting page hit the Finish Setup button.

NextCloud Features

  • Upload and Download files, images, videos and more much
  • Easy share files to your friends with a link on Facebook or email and you can also send by email.
  • Audio & Video chat with registered users on NextCloud
  • A Data storage Platform like google drive.
  • Video Verification System
  • Unlimited Storage as your wish
  • Audio & Video Chat In NextCloud
  • make file sharing website like facebook

If you want to audio & video call function in your file-sharing site. So, you need to install the Webrtc service on your server. Therefore, You want to buy a VPS server like ( digital ocean, Cloudways ) where you can install this service. In the next articles, we will discuss VPS servers and how to install services like (Webrtc, Cpanel, Lamp and also VPN ) on an unmanaged server.

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Download Google Drive Clone Script

Download The Script From Here:- Download

Hope Guys, You will enjoy the script and successfully install it on your website. Please share this article and support us. Thank you…

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